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Good Neighbors, Good Beer

Who We Are

We want to share our passion for the product and history that got us where we are with our community and create a common bond and excuse for good times. We look forward to provide the ultimate craft beverage experience to the rapidly growing, diverse community of the Triad.



South Elm, part of the BORO Social District on Barnhardt Street.  Our large patio will run the length of Barnhardt Street, becoming a central crossroads in the South Elm neighborhood.  We intend to be an active partner with other local businesses and support organizations to ensure that we all offer a fun and safe experience for the whole family.


Spring 2023


Downtown Social District

Greensboro has been a great town to us, having lived in the area for decades.  We are all excited to see how downtown Greensboro is growing, and the South Elm district is becoming an entertainment destination.  So we are proud to have our place at the crossroads into this new district.  We hope our large taproom and patio space will be a haven for craft beer enthusiasts enjoying scene, not to mention being part of Greensboro’s BORO (Border Of Refreshments Outdoors) Social District.

Our Story

Hidden Gate Brewing was founded with the mission to learn from the greatest Brewmasters and bring world class craft beer experience to the Triad. With the aim of applying cutting edge science and technology to top quality ingredients we will recreate excellent representations of the Classic/Old World styles as well as create modern American styles with great new taste experiences.  

We started this epic journey with our mutual love of great beers, reverence for beer history and culture, and our goal to recreate the great styles and move the envelope into new ones.  Upon enrolling in the RCC Fermentation Science Program under the tutelage of our Master Brewer and Professor, Todd Isbell, we were forged into a new breed of science-based adventurous brewers . 



The Triad craft beverage fans and their friends and families.  We want to offer an inviting intersection downtown where all will find a warm welcome and a cold beverage option to suit their interests.  By bringing our community together we hope to foster great relationships and the opportunities to do great things together. 



To stand on the shoulders of brewing giants and bring world class craft beer experience to the Triad.  Applying cutting edge science and technology to top quality ingredients we will recreate excellent representations of the Classic styles as well as create modern American styles with great new taste experiences. 



To give back to the Triad by bringing the community together for good times and support of common causes.

We establish programs to donate a portion of certain beer sales to specific charitable works.  Here are some programs we intend to develop:

End Homelessness Program

  • Partner with Greensboro Urban Ministry and Interactive Resource Center to improve the migration of clients between their facilities.
  • Partner with Skip Alston on his programs using $8m of American Rescue Plan funds to end homelessness.
  • Keep Your Change to Be the Change Greenville SC Homeless Task Force


  • Tuition towards college admission in Brewing Science
  • Pink Boots Society scholarships


  • Recycle spent grain with local farmers
  • Local Sourcing of ingredients
  • Committed to 100% Recyclable One-Time Use
  • Earthly Labs CO2 Capture project



Doug Pike, Head Brewer

Becky Reiser, Assistant Brewer

Eric Henriksen, Beer Boss

Adriana Henriksen, CFO

Nick Trever, Bartender

Kate, Bartender

Heidi, Bartender



Our Production Brewery on Barnhardt Street in Greensboro.

  • We have a 7 barrel Criveller brewhouse, 70 barrels of fermenting and conditioning capacity, and 29 faucets pouring a wide variety of awesome craft beverages. We will also have a barrel aging program on premise.
  • We offer tours every Friday from 4-6pm. Tours include logo glassware and beverage for $20.  Please check back for schedule to be posted.

Our Taproom on Barnhardt Street, adjacent to the Brewery.

  • We will proudly be serving a large selection of our own fresh, delicious beer out of our taproom and we’re looking forward to serving you. We have 29 taps sporting bulk-aged lagers and dark beers, mind-blowing IPAs, flavorful Belgians, as well as tart and fruity styles.
  • We will also serve ciders and seltzers on draft, wine by the glass, and non-alcoholic sodas and seltzers by the glass.
  • We will keep the downtown vibes fresh & flowing with a variety of daily and weekly events, great tunes, a fun place, and a great team. Our Beer Ambassadors are here to ensure your whole party is welcomed and served their favorite beverages. Come on in, we’d love to pour you a pint…or two.


Hidden Gate Brewing Company logo

Downtown Greensboro NC

102 Barnhardt St, Greensboro, NC 27406
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